How does the Heritage Act impact motorized travel?

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It doesn't. This proposal provides permanent Congressional assurance that motorized vehicles will always have a place on the Front.  It’s a balanced homegrown plan that provides protection from other attempts to restrict motorized use.  Meanwhile trails in the wilderness inclusions retain the exact same level of access as they have had for the last 30 years.

What's the current breakdown of trail oppurtunities for motorized?

There are currently 155 miles of legal motorized roads and trails on the Front and that won't change under this proposal:

  • 15 miles of routes open to ATV and motorcycles
  • 70 miles of route open yearlong to street legal motorized vehicles
  • 15 miles of route open seasonally to street legal motorized vehicles
  • 9 miles open street legal ATVs and motorcycles (no passenger vehicles)
  • 46 miles open seasonally or yearlong to motorcycles (no ATVs)