We are the Coalition to Protect the Rocky Mountain Front

Chuck Blixrud

The Rocky Mountain Front offers a window into the history and heritage of Montana—a way of life that is hard to find in a modern fast-changing world.  I believe the Front symbolizes what’s best about Montana and it’s up to us to keep it that way.

- Chuck Blixrud, Outfitter and owner 7-Lazy-P Guest Ranch

Conventional wisdom says putting ranchers, outfitters, anglers, business folks, tribal members, and conservationists all in the same room together and asking them to work together for land conservation is a recipe for disaster.

That’s probably true in most cases, but the Rocky Mountain Front seems to have a way of bringing people from all walks of life together for one common cause – keeping the Front the way it is.

Our coalition is made up of folks who live, work and use the Front. We may not agree on everything, but we share a common bond and understanding that the Rocky Mountain Front symbolizes what is best about Montana.

The work this coalition does is based on a rich tradition that began over 100 years ago when Montanans came together to designate the state’s first wildlife preserve on the Front in 1913. That tradition has continued through the years, most recently when we helped Sen. Max Baucus lead a bipartisan effort that protected the Front’s public lands from future oil and gas leasing.

We’ve had a lot of success working together because we don’t shy away from hard work. As testament, we’ve spent over three years hammering out a new proposal that helps keep the Rocky Mountain Front the way it is.

We encourage you to take a look.