16-Jun-2010 : High and wild: Diverse groups band together to save Rocky Mountain Front

Editor’s note: This is the first in a two-day series on the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act. [read more...]

16-Jun-2010 : Invasive weeds are Front coalition's common enemy

Paul Wick doesn't have as many hats to wear as he has weeds to fight, but some days it seems close. [read more...]

16-Jun-2010 : Coalition of apparent contradictions works to protect Front

DUPUYER - A rancher who loves grizzly bears. A taxidermist who's fed up with hunting. A country girl who's gone to work for a national environmental group. [read more...]

16-Jun-2010 : Protection Tour Coming to Helena

Rick Graetz, renowned Montana publisher and photographer, is bringing his Rocky Mountain Front Protection tour to Helena on May 12. [read more...]

16-Jun-2010 : Backers say Front proposal ready for Congress

HELENA — Supporters of the proposed Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act — a bill that would designate approximately 86,000 acres of new wilderness and protect an additional 218,000 acres from most new road construction along the Rocky Mountain Front — say the measure is ready for congressional consideration. [read more...]