10-Dec-2014 : New hope for wilderness in Montana

The three members of Montana's congressional delegation are working together, in the final hours of this lame-duck session, to pass legislation that designates important new wilderness acreage and protects places of value to all our lives and livelihoods. [read more...]

26-Nov-2012 : Celebrating Scapegoat Wilderness

In 1972, the Scapegoat earned a place in history as the first citizen-designated wilderness in the nation. The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act introduced by U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., and the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act introduced by U.S. Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., both have their roots in citizen-led proposals. [read more...]

26-Nov-2012 : Much to Support in Heritage Act

By taking care of places that store our snowpack — the mountainous regions like the Rocky Mountain Front that feed our streams and rivers — we’re taking care of ourselves, our neighbors and our grandchildren and their children. What could be better and more American, and more Montanan, than that? [read more...]

14-Nov-2011 : Rocky Mountain Front deserves our protection

Introducing a Montana wilderness bill in Congress would seem to be a fool's errand based on recent history. Montana's congressional delegation has been unable to agree on a measure that protects more of the state's remaining roadless areas as wilderness for going on 30 years. But that isn't deterring Montana Sen. Max Baucus, who says he will introduce a bill to add some 67,000 acres to the Bob Marshall Wilderness complex and protect another 200,000 acres of the Rocky Mountain Front from further development. [read more...]

14-Nov-2011 : Many hunters back Front Heritage Act

We Montanans are fortunate. We enjoy the good old days every autumn. We have tremendous opportunities to hunt abundant game. We aim to keep it that way. That's why you see hunters of all stripes lining up in support of the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act. Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., is sponsoring this bill to continue the conservation legacy of an iconic piece of public land north of Rogers Pass and west of Augusta and Choteau. The legislation would maintain - not change - an area of unparalleled beauty, economic importance and, yes, fabulous hunting. [read more...]